Bistrot Media | Délisse, French Café
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Délisse, French Café

The quaint café of Délisse produces traditional and delicious French food in unassuming packages. To work for them means promoting a piece of France in corners of Sydney that could have benefitted from a little French indulgence. Think flaky croissants, comforting soups and perfectly roasted coffee.

We helped Délisse with marketing strategy, content creation, social media management, new stores openings, public relations and design. We have also redesigned the website.

instagram @delisseaustralia



We designed posters for Délisse to promote their Soup menu during the busy lunch hour

They offer an extensive catering menu. Perfect for those who cherish French food for any occasion ( work included). We redesigned their catering menu to fit Délisse’s image.

They also debuted Crêpes at their Parramatta location. We designed a mouth-watering poster to promote it.


In Parramatta, its newest location, it has a small unassuming spot in the Westfield nestled among other cafés and food spots.

As part of its marketing campaign, we executed a plan to attract local influencers to Délisse, as this location mostly benefits from locals in Parramatta—so the reach is impactful.

Those local foodie Instagrammers captured the heart of Délisse brilliantly. Here’s a look at some of the amazing coverage.