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Volange Paris

A unique French Boutique made for the ocean city life of Sydney. Prune, the owner of Volange Paris, has worked on hand selecting timeless clothing pieces that transcend in time and trends: beautiful, chic and curated for both professional and everyday wear all with that Parisian flare. The boutiques are filled with heart, soul and a source of endless French inspiration, we *adore* it! 


We have had the chance to work with Volange Paris since early 2020, and have seen the brand image grow dramatically. Creating a content plan that would highlight new collections and optimize stocks, combined with a bespoke social media strategy and CRM management, with bi-monthly newsletters helped improve brand image, grow awareness and increase online sales by 20%. We also worked with influencers and partners to raise awareness and attract new customers.


We as a team have crafted unique and alluring photography that is used through the Volange social media platforms, EDMs, blog articles and publications. From the behind the scenes actions to the editing and overall content creation… We do our best to capture the unique and timeless essence behind each collection hand-selected.



Past PR projects with Volange entailed creating top quality look books put together for well suited publications. This meant that we could help Volange build solid connections and increase engagement through collaborations, and sharpen the brand’s identity by spreading awareness to potential consumers.
We also worked with a number of local influencers, such as Mia Freedman , who’s local reach and engagement helped drive traffic and followers to the Instagram, as well as customers into the stores and onto the online store.


Once we have acquired new customers in our database, we then trigger sales with a bi-monthly newsletter including styling tips and fashion articles (traffic to the website), the latest collection and offers of the new looks. 


We helped consistently grow the social media following via organic engagement and paid advertising, as well as other marketing campaigns such as competitions, newsletters, blogs and community management. We have built a very strong, loyal and enthusiastic fan base which shows in the increased sales from online order.

Volange website:
Volange IG: @volangeparis